Glossary of terms I use
(Mostly either Math & Science terms, or Scientology terms, my two great interests.)

If I use a word here that you don't understand: LOOK IT UP! You can use a physical dictionary, or go to; you can google it. You can send me a text! But the one thing NOT to do is keep going without looking it up! No matter what you are reading or listening to or watching, ALWAYS LOOK UP WORDS!

Many Scientology terms can be found here.

Following is my own list.

Fourier Transform: a mathematical procedure for analyzing sound and other things.

Los Gatos Org: The Church of Scientology at 650 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129. "Org" is short for "Organization".

Multivariate calculus: If you have a pizza shop and your daily profit is a function of how many pizzas are sold, well that is one variable. But perhaps there are many variables: how many employees, how much the building lease costs, the price of flower, the cost of advertising, etc, etc. Lots of "variables". Calculus is a set of mathematical techniques that can help you figure all that out!

SRD: Survival Rundown, a Scientology course.

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