Steve is quite simply the best science teacher I have ever had. I had been befuddled by a concept in science that I had been attempting to clear up for years. I simply had not been able to make it real. I still had nagging questions - and I had gotten help from quite a few people. Steve cleared up the concept for me in fewer than 15 minutes. I utilized him for many other science concepts as well, and now I am learning rapidly from all sorts of sources.

More recently, I had Steve help me with problems I was having with my computer, and once he cleared them up, I was surprised at how much attention had been freed up. (In the process I learned how Steve organizes his own files on his computer which was quite illuminating.)

I would not hesitate to use Steve for any study difficulties in science and math, and I give him the highest recommendation 5 out of 5; 10 out of 10; 20 out of 20; 100 out of 100 you get the idea.

Thanks for your help, Steve!

Penny Melrose, CEO, Datastick Systems, Inc.

Steve -- you are such a natural teacher!!!!! You are so good at explaining and you get so much joy out of it!!!!!  Just reading this makes me happy! - A.A.

So I got an 86% on the quiz! That's the best grade I've ever gotten on anything math related! ! Thank you! - D.C.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!!

You have given the most complete detailed and understandable explanation I have found so far...
Maybe you've seen my topic about a [redacted] I've been trying to connect, and this has been my main issue, except unlike you, I have been trying and testing for a few weeks now...

With your explanation I finally got connected the 8 control lines from the [redacted] :P

I owe you a HUGE thank you (and probably a lot more), not only for fixing my problem, but mainly for sharing your knowledge in such a clear way!

P.S. I am pretty new to the subject, but I managed to update a library after reading your tutorial/guide only once! Again my compliments on how detailed it is while still being clear!