ZOZ addenda:

   ZOZ definitions
   A handy ALU function
   ZOZ instruction format
   Reliability Indexes
   Memories are persistent ideas *

WIZ addenda:

   A note on interrupts
   Ivan Sutherland's 1989 paper introducing micro-pipelines
   Inter-WIZ block communication
   Speculative backend operations
   Old WIZ pages


   Axioms of Computing
   Swift's Three Laws of Simplicity
       For the best description anywhere of what the WIZ project is really about, see Law of Simplcity #2A, "Believe in fundamental truths", page 3.
   The WIZ Mind

Swift Enterprises:

   ZOZ/WIZ Admin Scale
   Swift Enterprises Business Model
   Swift Bonds. Buy now!!
   Now hiring!
   The secret backstory of Swift Enterprises


   Not ready for prime time

* indicates this chapter has been significantly updated in the last 30 days.

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