The Book of WIZ and ZOZ

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The ZOZ is a new kind of computer, running simultaneously in zillions of little processors called WIZes, distributed across the galaxy.

WIZes are a new kind of microprocessor. Zillions of WIZes, spread across the galaxy, combine to form a single galactic computer called the ZOZ.

The WIZ and ZOZ are radical departures from current computing paradigms.

The WIZ is not like any existing processor. It has no clock and no instruction set. It is terribly simple. The ZOZ is a distributed operating system unlike any other. With no central control, running on every WIZ in the galaxy, they are combined into a single galactic computer.

I have looked to answer the question, starting from first principles, what are the most fundamental truths of computing? What is the most basic processor that can be made, and what is the most basic concept of a network?

"If you want to do something really innovative, you have to apply a sort of first principles analysis. And don't reason by analogy-- analogies are referencing the past. First Principles means you look at the most fundamental truths in a particular area and the things that are almost indisputably correct. And you reason up from there to a conclusion. And if you see that the conclusion is at odds with what people generally believe, then you have an opportunity." -- Elon Musk

The WIZ is so simple, I can draw the entire circuit on a large napkin, in ten minutes. And if a first-year engineering student watched me, they would be able to go home and duplicate it, without having taken notes.

Because the WIZ is so small and simple, it can run many times faster than any current microprocessor, use far less power, and be far cheaper to manufacture.

A small WIZ can be implemented with twenty thousand transistors. Implementing a modern Intel processor core takes about a billion transistors!

WIZes are designed from the ground up to work together in large groups. In the same space as an Intel core (one billion transistors), we can put fifty thousand WIZes. The ZOZ coordinates them all, whether on the same chip, in the same room, or on the same planet.

The downside: The WIZ is not compatible with any current technology. It fundamentally cannot use any current programming language, support any current operating system, or run any existing software. Nor can it support the Internet. To use it, we will have to start over.

I don't believe there is any hope in continuing along the current hardware and networking paths this planet is on. Thus I am imagining a new future, starting over from scratch and proceeding from basic principles.

I have published everything about it here on this website -- click the word HERE at the top of this page. Nothing is patented -- I give it to you freely! All details, including all circuit schematics are here.

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Steven Swift
Chief Wizard of WIZ, First Zozzer of ZOZ

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