The ZOZ and the WIZ

The ZOZ is a new kind of computer system, running simultaneously in zillions of little processors called WIZes, distributed across the galaxy.

WIZes are a new kind of microprocessor. Zillions of WIZes, spread across the galaxy, combine to form a single galactic computer called the ZOZ.

The WIZ and ZOZ are radical departures from current computing paradigms. The ZOZ does not *use* a network -- instead, the ZOZ *is* the network. The WIZ is not like any existing processor. It fundamentally cannot use any current programming languages or existing software. It will require starting over in a new unit of time.

I don't believe there is any hope in continuing along the current hardware and networking paths this planet is on. Thus I am imagining a new future, starting over from scratch.

All of this must be read in order. I am introducing many new concepts, and concepts somewhat different from those you might be used to. And I use a number of words of my own invention: if you start anywhere in the middle, you will not know what I am talking about!

The first few sections of the "Introduction to the ZOZ" are written for a completely non-technical general public. The latter WIZ sections require a digital engineering background. In between there is a gradient scale of technical ideas.

And finally note that all my contact info is here and I will always be happy to talk with you personally!

Thanks for being here! I hope you enjoy what you are about to read!

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