This document assumes you already know all about the ZOZ.
You must read the ZOZ first or you will not understand the WIZ. It must be read in order!

A WIZ is an independent piece of the ZOZ

   1.  What is a WIZ? *
   2.  From the ZOZ to the WIZ *
   3.  Rationale behind the WIZ *
   4.  The Mars project

The single WIZ

   1.  The Frontend *
   2.  Backend circuits *
   3.  More backend circuits *
   4.  Parallel and out-of-order instructions

A chip of many WIZes

   1.  How many WIZes? *
   2.  Inter-WIZ communications *
   3.  The inter-WIZ bus *
   4.  Inter-WIZ communications part II
   5.  The WIZ OS and the ZOZ
   6.  WIZ chip configurations


   1.  The Power of Simplicity

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* indicates this chapter has been significantly updated in the last 30 days.