This is a work in progress. Please read it in order. Read the ZOZ first. If you skip around, you will not understand!

The WIZ as ZOZ accelerator

   1.  Distributed ZOZ objects *
   2.  From the virtual to the real
   3.  From the ZOZ to the WIZ

The single WIZ

   1.  The WIZ frontend in brief
   2.  The WIZ backend in brief
   3.  The WIZ frontend - full schematics
   4.  The WIZ backend - full schematics
   5.  Parallel computation in the WIZ
   6.  Summary of WIZ

A chip of many WIZes

   1.  How many WIZes?
   3.  The inter-WIZ bus hardware
   4.  The inter-WIZ bus software
   5.  The WIZ OS and the ZOZ
   6.  WIZ chip configurations

Epilog: The Power of Simplicity

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* indicates this chapter has been significantly updated in the last 30 days.