This document assumes you already know all about the ZOZ. You MUST read the ZOZ first or you will not understand the WIZ!
For a shorter overview: In the ZOZ book, read "The big picture". Then here, read The WIZ circuits 1, 2, and 8, and A chip full of WIZes 1, 2, 3, and 6.


   1.  From ZOZ to organized ZOZ
   2.  From organized ZOZ to WIZ

One WIZ: the circuits

   1.  The frontend circuit
   2.  Example backend circuits
   3.  RAM
   4.  Constants
   5.  Instruction timing
   6.     Timing: ILP and OOO
   7.     Timing: datapaths and pipelines
   8.  The gateway circuit
   9.  The stored program
  10. The goto & gotoIf circuits
  11. Summary

One hundred thousand WIZes: the chip

   1.  A chip full of WIZes
   2.  Some history and rationale behind the WIZ
   3.  Inter-WIZ communication (internal details)
   4.  Inter-WIZ functions and bare-naked WIZes
   5.  WIZ-level parallelization
   6.  OS services and the placement algorithm
   7.  On-chip power and radio


   1.  The Power of Simplicity

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