This document assumes you already know all about the ZOZ.
You MUST read the ZOZ first or you will not understand the WIZ!


   1.  From ZOZ to organized ZOZ
   2.  From organized ZOZ to WIZ

WIZ Schematics

   1.  The frontend circuits
   2.  Some example backend circuits
   3.  Constants
   4.  RAM
   5.  Instruction timing
   6.     Timing: ILP and OOO
   7.     Timing: datapaths and pipelines
   8.  The gateway circuit
   9.  The stored program
  10. The goto & gotoIf circuits
  11. Summary

A chip full of WIZes

   1.  A chip full of WIZes
   2.  Inter-WIZ communication
   3.  WIZ-level parallelization
   4.  The WIZ OS and the ZOZ
   5.  WIZ chip configurations


   1.  The Power of Simplicity

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