The Book of WIZ and ZOZ

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- R. Buckminster Fuller

Please read this in order. I introduce many new words and ideas. Every chapter assumes you know the ideas presented in the previous chapters. If you skip around, you will not understand! -- Steven Swift 😎


   1.  The Big Picture part one: The ZOZ
   2.  The Big Picture part two: The WIZ

A new paradigm for computation in the ZOZ

   1.  Introduction to computation in the ZOZ
   2.  Simple syntax
   3.  Arithmetic
   4.  Cloned objects
   5.  Memory
   6.  Memory sequences and the ZOZ executor
   7.  Flow control: skip
   8.  ZOZ computations happen everywhere and all at one
   9.  Summary of computation

From galactic scale ZOZ to nano-scale WIZ

   1.  From ZOZ to organized ZOZ
   2.  From organized ZOZ to WIZ


   1.  Rationale behind the WIZ
   2.  The WIZ frontend
   3.  The WIZ backend & a few examples
   4.  Instruction timing
   5.     Timing: ILP and OOO
   6.     Timing: datapaths and pipelines
   7.  The gateway circuit
   8.  RAM
   9.  Constants
  10. The stored program
  11. Summary

The WIZ chip: millions of WIZes on a single chip

   1.  A chip full of WIZes
   2.  Inter-WIZ communication (internal details)
   3.  Inter-WIZ functions and bare-naked WIZes
   4.  WIZ-level parallelization
   5.  OS services and the placement algorithm
   6.  On-chip power and radio

The ZOZ data stream

   1.  ZOZ objects can be made of ZOZ objects
   2.  ZOZ objects can communicate locally
   3.  ZOZ objects can communicate securely


   1.  The Power of Simplicity
   2.  The Mars project

Addenda: Misc bits and pieces